With the new fooball season opening, on comes my favorite time of season. Now is the best time to mail to NFL players to get autographs. Between my friend and I, we mail out to all kinds of players, if the player signs both cards, then we split them. If the players only signs one, then the other one of us mails to him. This cuts down on double rejects from players that do not sign, and allows us to send off to more players.

Here is my list of successes for the 1998 Football season. All request were mailed from the end of Aug. to the beginning of Sept. I will update this page as I get more returns in the mail. All requests are mailed to the player in care of the NFL stadium, and include 2 cards, and a self addressed stamped envelope.

If you need any stadium addresses, email me and let me know, I will be glad to send them to you. Also, if you have a question about anohter player not listed, I will tell you if I have ever mailed to them, and if they signed or not. I have mailed to over 400 players in the last 5 years.

Lincoln Kennedy- Raiders signed 2
Rickey Dudley- Raiders signed 2
Derrick Rodgers- Dolphins signed 1
Jack Del Rio- Saints signed 2
Antowain Smith- Bills signed 2
Gilbert Brown- Packers signed 2
Ross Verba- Packers signed 2
ANTONIO FREEMAN- PACKERS  returned cards unsigned
Jamal Anderson- Falcons signed 2
Darrien Gordon- Broncos signed 2
Hank Aaron- Braves signed 1, ok, so he's a baaseball player
Brad Johnson- Vikings signed 2
Chris Slade- Patriots signed 2
Ken Stabler- signed 1
Trent Dilfer- Buccaneers signed 2
Ryan Mc Neil- Rams signed 2
Stephfet Williams- Bengals signed 2
Jason Taylor- Dolphins signed 1
Wayne Chrebet- Jets signed 1
Ernie Mills- Cowboys signed 1
Marvin Jones- Jets signed 2
Ray Crocket- Broncos signed 2