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Hello, My name is David, and I live in Plano, TX. This is my home page,and it is devoted to my two favorite hobbies, besides spending time with my wife and son, those are collecting license plates, and autographs.

I have about 350 license plates at this time, which by no means is a large collection, but I am always trying to add to it.

I have over 1100 autographs from all kinds of celebrities. Mostly football players, with quite a few baseball, some hockey, some boxers, and lots of actors and actresses.

So, pick your section.

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When writing to an athlete, I always enclose two cards, and ask the person sign one and keep the other for themselves. It is rare that an athlete will actually keep the card. Most of the time, they either sign both or return the second card unsigned

Oh yeah, do not send anything that you can not afford to lose. There is no guarantee that the person will return your item.

Good Luck, and happy collecting.

David Babcock
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Plano, TX 75074
United States

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